"I never wanted to be called an artist. I wanted to be called a photographer."


- Richard Avedon


"Who Am I" -Derek Zoolander

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Steve Robinson

Just your average run of the mill

everyday Extra Ordinary Photographer!


Normal, what is normal?

  The Dictionary defines normal as “Conforming with, adhering to,or constituting a norm, standard, pattern, a level, or type; typical; being within certain limits, usual; regular; common; typical” My work is anything but normal. I go out of my way to make a $5.00 product to look like a $50.00 product. I strive to tell a story through my work. When most people see a used newspaper they may think it’s garbage; I think... that would make an interesting dress. So you see the word normal is not often used when describing me. There is no room in a creative world for being typical, patterned or living within limits.

  At a young age I took an interest in film and photography. At the age of 8, my neighbors and good friends decided to make a major motion picture in their front yard: Godzilla vs Lego Land. It was an instant hit! Those poor Lego people and all those buildings, we spent hours on the set alone. Very low budget, but still it sparked my creative juices. Then the hit of the summer was the re-creation of Monty Pythons Holy Grail... instant classic.  Although these never made the big screen, I always enjoyed helping out in the filming of such classics. Several years later as a budding photographer, I think I actually invented the first selfie, while trying to figure out how the Poloroid instant camera worked. I still remember the flash and the look on my face after shaking the film for several minutes waiting on it to develop. I got my big break when I photographed my girlfriends senior portraits.  I still remember the big hair, and using curtains as backgrounds. I liked the pictures so I married her.  As a wedding gift, I received a Pentex Super ME camera from my father in-law... now it’s time to get serious. I took the camera; a roll of film and photographed a day care. The photos came out great, so I bought a light and shot another day care. That is how the story of Steve Robinson Photography began. I knew I could not make it on talent alone, so I went to school to refine my work. Today, I have a portfolio filled with such clients as Dillards, Radio Shack, JC Pennys, Seventeen, Justine and D magazine. I live in the bustling metropolis of Sanger Texas, with my wife Joy, daughter Ashley, a super sidekick dog, biscuit a lab mix who likes to sit on top of cars and bark at all the rabbits, 4 cats, and a ninja turtle slider. My favorite vacation spot is Caddo Lake in Uncertain Texas, where I love to photograph and kayak the swamp.


  Today I go through each day looking for the next big thing. I use my creativity to come up with different processes and ways to make the square peg fit into that round hole. I work fast and work hard to meet the deadlines placed in front of me, while always striving for perfection. It is my goal to get the job done clean and easy in the camera so there is little to no re-touching and extra effort needed to get the image out there. Do I consider my self a superhero? No, but I am trying hard to save the world one photo at a time

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Families, kids, couples even pets. I strive to give you the image you deserve.

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Steve Robinson Photography takes great pride in capturing your special day so your memories will last a lifetime.

We work with all budgets and can customize a package that best fits your needs.

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Catalog photography, Web product photography, headshots, corporate events, layout & design. Steve Robinson is a full service studio to help you with all your marketing needs


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Your senior year is an important achievement in your life and your style and accomplishments should be captured so they can live forever. I offer a session without limits, not outfit limits, no background limits it's your session your way.

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Youth Sport teams, High school sports, action shots. Steve Robinson Photography offers creative fun photography that the kids will love to show off. We have lots of fun products to offer as well.


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